Atelier Meravelles: Tailor-Made Experience:

At the Atelier Meravelles you will find everything you need to make you own project of textile creation.

A unique place, an old kerchiefs workshop where, much earlier, secrets were kept inside the city walls of the ancient Barcino, Life lessons of artisans, nobles and peasants, habitat for officers and apprentices, religious and oracles, among Gothic, Baroque and Neoclassic palaces and the smell of the ancestral work of the leather, the wool, the silk and the cotton.

Scraps of a labyrinthine Barcelona, home to artist and dreamers, narrow streets where handwritten letters fluttered about, perfect letters from old scribes narrating incredible and amazing stories, impregnated today on every floor and every wall of the district.

Past and present, tradition and modernity, reinventing arts and crafts.

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